How to use social media for marketing

Written By Andi Wilkinson. Updated 4th August 2019
Creative Director of Made By Factory. UX Designer & SEO Nerd, Andi is also a board member of Manchester Digital, and speaks and writes on a variety of web-related topics.

When done right, Social media marketing is a tool that will generate consistent lead streams and revenues to a business.

With so much time and investment involved, how does a marketing team choose which platforms to invest in? Is it a case of just throwing it all at the wall and seeing what sticks? How businesses use social media can be the difference in an influx of inbound leads.

There's a lot of social networks to choose from, and unless you have a dedicated team in place, you almost always end up with a feast or famine on your social feed.

Most marketing managers we speak to have this nagging voice in the back of their head that they should be doing something more, but don't always know the 'science' behind it, dare we say 'how to use social media'

The Power of Social Media Marketing

Power of social media marketing
Bring In The Benjamins

Love it or hate it, its here to stay, it’s revolutionised the way we connect and interact, and its where a great deal of your audience Are. Right now. We appreciate as a busy MD, you may not have time for all that Facebook nonsense, even though you feel you should.

Despite this, its the ultimate word of mouth. Its changed the charts, influenced politics, created a new brand of TV stars and even connected celebrities and fans.

A well-executed social media strategy plan can help you connect with your audience, and generate brand loyalty. By being there and creating engaging moments, you can get jaw dropping results from social media.

Engagement is Everything

Even the most prominent companies often employ set and forget methods to their social media strategies. It's not about the number of likes you have, but the level of engagement.

As a digital agency who manages social campaigns, we test and measure what works and do more of it. From a simple social media strategy to full-scale management where we are essentially your voice, we always discuss the approach that’s best for you.

Consistency is Key

It’s great to be on all platforms, but not so great if they are dormant. It can make you look mismanaged. And most of us have seen the horror of posting one message to all platforms. It’s not a great idea.

Every platform has its personality and etiquette. Hashtags are there for a reason. You want to grow followers, not upset the internet.

If this is already making you antsy, then its probably best to leave it to an agency who have managed multiple social accounts for clients, and know how to behave on all of them.

How to Use Social Media For Marketing: A Platform Guide.


It is said, if you go to your room at midnight, draw the blinds, shut all the doors, turn off the lights and sneeze, five seconds later you will see a Facebook ad for cold medicine. Social media advertising at its best.

The current giant of social media, Facebook gets billions of hits monthly. And we have a habit of telling it everything. Where we are. What we ate for dinner, what makes us angry.

This is a dream come true for advertisers, and by advertising on social media sites, we can employ sophisticated audience targeting methods to get your message in front of the right people.

You can find people by location, interests, pages they like, things they talk about, their online browsing behaviour and much more.

Facebook can get you masses of exposure, and we find its great for all types of business. All you have to do is connect the right message to the right audience.


With its well-known character limit, Twitter is a great way to deliver short messages and just jump in on the moment.

Twitter also benefits from a great advertising platform to make your reach even wider. We use keyword and interest targeting to grow your audience and brand.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter is here and now, and trending, so it is essential to be engaged often. This is where working with an agency can save you valuable time and money.


The Worlds second biggest search engine, also owned by Google, YouTube has revolutionised the way we consume content.

Retailers recognise the power of YouTube, with all of the major TV networks having massive YouTube followings, it is more important than ever to leverage that audience.

The TV and film industry has been massively disrupted by media giants Amazon and Netflix. We skip through advertisements or walk away.

By moving to YouTube channels, you can appear on the YouTube channels of popular networks and only pay when someone engages with your brand. It is far more effective and highly measurable. It just makes sense.

Advertise with images or even video, but don’t miss out on the power of YouTube


Dubbed Facebook for professionals, LinkedIn is so much more. Its advertising capabilities are phenomenal. Want to sell your services to a particular role, or even a specific company? LinkedIn has that functionality.

LinkedIn’s AMP style publishing platform also makes it a great place to share articles, establishing you as a subject authority.


Part of the Facebook Portfolio of apps, Instagram is one of the worlds biggest mobile social platforms.

A highly visual platform that works in tandem with or independently from facebook. The more creative you are on this platform, the better results you can get.

If you think its time to sass up your social media, fraternise on Facebook, 'trend' on Twitter, liaise on LinkedIn or interact on Instagram, then speak with us today about our social media management services.

We are a social media agency in Manchester, specialising in paid campaigns, driving traffic to well-optimised websites.

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