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The beast that is PPC requires a high level of expertise. Done correctly PPC will pay dividends. Done incorrectly and you’ll burn through your budget faster than we can type ‘Google’ into Google. Don’t gamble with paid advertising. Leave it to the pros.

Work With A Google Partner Agency

Our Agency are fully google certified, Our head of PPC is a former Google Agency Development Manager, and we were chosen as one of 30 UK Agencies to attend Google Elevator; An elite coaching programme for talented digital agencies. We have handled millions of pounds of advertising spend and are confident we will be able to increase your conversions and ROI.

Benefits of using a Google Partner Agency

Working with an agency isn't just about saving you time. If your campaign isn't set up properly from the outset, or it's mismanaged, you could be losing thousands of pounds, your cost per click will be higher, and your conversion rate lower.

  •  Benefit from diverse team experience, including UX, creative and campaign setup
  • Virtually eradicate wasted spend with our expert knowledge of setup and optimisation.
  • Our fee almost always costs less than the amount clients were wasting on poorly managed campaigns
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Access to new beta products before they are publicly available
  • Better conversion and click through rates, resulting in lower costs per click
  • Advanced reporting, with a human to explain it all to you.
  • A wealth of knowledge from working with multiple accounts, not just yours.
  • Direct support from the Google Partners Team

Advertising Networks

PPC Agency Manchester
PPC Agency Manchester
PPC Agency Manchester
PPC Agency Manchester

Our Process

Our first step is to audit your existing digital campaign, and your web presence. We will look at the way the campaign is set up, and the way it has been structured. Even fixing the most minor oversights in a digital campaign can be tantamount to saving thousands of pounds over the course of a year.

After identifying any gaps, we then look at creating a solid well rounded campaign. We look at the best strategy for your brand, and what will generate the best ROI. We want to make sure you are taking advantage of the benefits of the various advertising networks, and using them in the correct way.

Keeping a campaign optimal can be compared to gardening. If you’re that way inclined anyway. It’s about ‘planting’ new and seasonal content, and rooting out all the weeds so they don’t strangle all the good stuff. Having the reassurance that a trained eye is monitoring your account can let you get on with whatever you’re best at. Probably not PPC.

Let us audit your digital strategy

A fresh outlook can make a vast difference to a digital campaign. Here are some of the benefits of working with Factory on your PPC campaign.

We are a badged Google Partner Agency, fully certified in all exams.
We are a small agency, and we don’t outsource. That means you get the benefit of senior expertise, and your account is never handled by a junior, which is common in large agencies, especially if you aren’t a huge business. We can get it
We are a qualified and experienced team each of whom bring a different mix to the table. From creative to video and copy and account strategy, we have you covered(Link to team)
We will be able to spot holes you potentially didn’t, which could save you thousands.

Case Study

TLH Auctioneers

TLH Auctioneers are Manchester and Liverpool’s Premier Auction House.

When we started working with their AdWord Campaigns, they had around 2500 organic searches a month for their brand. We quickly identified the major search terms associated with finding business like theirs and set up a solid ad campaign.

Teamed up with display advertising, targeting their ideal customers and people likely to be interested in their products and services, we have served over 70 million impressions for the TLH Auctioneers brand. 

Our thorough account management results in high click through rates and conversion rates, meaning the traffic we serve is highly relevant and likely to convert.

Since running our campaign, organic search for the TLH Brand has risen from 2500 organic searches per month to over 20k, proving that a good digital PPC strategy can have far reaching benefits on your organic presence.

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