Content Marketing

Why is content King and what is content marketing? Attributed to Bill Gates, King of Microsoft, Its a phrase thats just thrown around all the time in the world of digital. What do you put where, and when?

Content First

As a digital content marketing agency, we always look at a really well rounded strategy when it comes to creating and sharing your content. Your audience is key. What will appeal to them the most and where are they interacting with content?

We approach content at its various levels in the marketing funnel. So many businesses are diligent in creating blogs and sharing them across various social platforms but not really getting much out of them. This is the type of content that will often position you in a way that shows your expertise. Its a great way to get traffic right to the top of that funnel.

The right content will help you grow brand awareness and loyalty and stick in the minds of your would be customers.

Get your content everywhere

We have a few tricks up our sleeve when it comes to content. There’s more than just a blog post or two.

Content for SEO

Our Google Partner status comes up every now and then. Ok maybe a little more often than that. We write friendly and human content, including relevant keywords in a readable way so the kindly god of search engine optimisation will shine his light upon your content and it shall go forth and bring joy to all.

If you enjoyed that paragraph, do talk to us about writing content for you. Our team are all academically qualified, and as our copy editor loves to tell everyone, she has two PGCE’s with level seven academic writing. She is also Squared Online Certified; The marketing course built with google for savvy marketers.

Syndicated News Content

Promote your content and articles directly onto the pages of major media outlets. Your article will look and feel like it is part of the news feed, but in fact is sponsored directly into the pages advertising space. Anyone who reads news content online is likely to have both seen and clicked on content presented in this way. Popular platforms for this are Taboola and Outbrain. Since the algorithm relies on the content inside the article, its wise to have it written by an experienced SEO’er

Sponsored Gmail Promotions

What If we told you, you could sponsor an email directly into the gmail inbox of every one of your competitors online customers? With clever targeting, you can leverage the traffic of other brands offering similar services to your own and up your awareness. The best thing about this tactic is it’s completely white hat.


We can reach out to our network of influencers to promote your content. Social proof is a key element of getting your business noticed. Our ever growing network of influencers, YouTube Fanboy directors and our cheeky attitude means we will do whatever it takes to get you noticed.

Don’t Be Content With Dull Content

There are a ton of ways we can get you noticed online, just like you’ve noticed us, and if you read all the way down, we must be worth noticing.

I want to be noticed

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