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Your brand is your identity, your personality, your essence, your soul. More than just the sum of its parts, its the thing that defines you and makes you instantly recognisable to your customers and competitors, in a micro second. .

the importance of an identity

A logo doesn’t make your brand any more than your clothes make you, well, you. Although they might be the stuff that catches your eye.

From your logo and its individual elements, to the colours you choose and what they mean. From the typefaces you use to visually communicate and the tone of voice you use when telling your story to your customers. This is the essence that goes into a brand.

We have many years of experience in designing creative, visually striking designs, that both fit well in your industry but stand out enough to be a talking point. From a keen creative eye to a love of typography and colour, we get fired up about creating something for you that is worthy of your business and its goals.

Our Creative Process

Rebrand, or refresh. Is your look and feel ready for the onslaught of digital?


An creative consult where we establish the goals and message you want to communicate, where your business sits amongst the competition.


We put our creative brains to work. When those 3am ideas start falling, we capture them on paper or digitally and share our ideas with you.


As ideas start to take shape, identities start forming, this is where the exciting stuff happens. We will refine and revise the brand until it’s perfect.


Putting everything together into a set of brand guidelines, in addition to any stationery and promotional materials, bringing the brand together into a harmonious whole.

Case Study

TLH Auctioneers

Manchester’s and Liverpool’s premier auction house TLH auctioneers hold regular weekly auctions with high end stock sourced from John Lewis Department Stores and more.

They wanted an identity they could be proud to take to their corporate clients, as well as appeal to their buyers on the street.

After consultation we drafted up several ideas, but came mainly back to the vibrant orange and the eye catching gavel. With a font pairing of Hevetica and A rounded sans, the design sits comfortably amongst large retailers, and has been proudly displayed on OAFCs main stand, in flight magazines and billboard advertisements.

Our rebrand of TLH auctioneers has helped to propel them forward online.

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The Factory Finish

Your brand is ready for the world. Our next stop is a strategy to get you noticed. No point getting all dressed up and staring inside!

If you haven’t thought about your brand since you first started up and your friend Baz scribbled something on a napkin, it’s time to speak to us.

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