Bespoke Application Development

From sales and analytics platforms, to training applications we have built enterprise level applications for global brands. Applications that increase revenue, manage operations and cut costs. In fact it’s something we are really great at.

Why Go Bespoke?

An Out of the box solution rarely cuts it. You can always find a one size fits all application, and shoehorn your business into it, but there is always this frustration with your day to day operations.

You can’t quite get that report you need. You can’t visualise the data the way you want to. You’re using too many apps, spreadsheets or worse, everything is on paper.

Proven Expertise.

Our team have over twenty years collective experience of software and user centric design. Both at Factory and prior to this, we have created enterprise grade software, capable of running and managing large organisations.

We create software that works for you, meaning we build integrations into popular third party API’s, for example, your accounting system. Google Suite, Slack and many more, bringing all your workflows into one simple intuitive dashboard.

Factory Grade Solutions

From the get go, we become one of your team, working in and outside your organisation, learning your workflows and refining them so you are literally bursting with happiness. (We are not exaggerating here)

We have a large and varied portfolio of bespoke application development. We have created full data and sales platforms, for a leading UK importer & supplier of ambient bakery. We built a bespoke recruitment engine for a Manchester recruitment firm, that matches employers with their ideal candidates.

We created a training platform for global watch brand Movado, which enabled their retailers to test their product knowledge and increase revenue. We have worked on infrastructures that power global engineering companies, and assisted them in managing world famous architecture, such as the Shard and others.

Our Approach

Because we work on an agile basis, bespoke software development is more affordable than you might think. Working this way also allows a gentle transition of your old systems to our new ones. All our clients agree, its a breath of fresh air, not an arduous learning curve.

So much of application development contains highly confidential information, critical to business operations. They are hosted on secure servers with two factor authentication. If you have an idea and would like to see some of our projects, we would be happy to arrange a meeting and demonstrate some of our work.

Case Study

Baker Bennett

Baker Bennett import and supply hundreds of ambient bakery products to the major supermarket chains. With vast amounts of data to process, The tedious task of data input and the lack of ability to represent it visually was frustrating the company directors.

We created an enterprise level application that manages their sales, supplies, and customers. It processes data supplied by the supermarket chains, imports and makes total sense of it. At a glance our client is able to get the facts and figures they need to report back to the suppliers overseas.

Our application also manages inter office communications, manages staff and holidays, internal notifications and timekeeping. It allows them to liaise with third parties, such as financial companies, in order to securely share files.

Our software has revolutionised the way Baker Bennett do business. We can do the same for you.

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