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Hello. We are a digital marketing agency in Manchester. We are Google Search & Shopping Specialists. We craft creatively clever digital marketing campaigns & SEO driven websites for ambitious business & growing brands.

Who Are We?

Google Partner

We’re an independent digital marketing agency, co-founded by a seasoned design specialist and a former Googler. We know how to make digital campaigns work to deliver high return on investment over and over.
We are here to help you connect your brand to your customers, without jargon, smoke or mirrors. We’re a small company with a big voice. Inside you’ll find friendly humans who love to get results.

Because there’s no ‘one size fits all’, we really take the time to understand your individual needs. We care about what we do, listen, work with you and provide the solution you actually need, not the one we want to sell.

What We Do

Actually, It's a bit more than Google Ads

PPC Services

Our PPC Team have both worked at Google & attended their prestigious training course ‘Elevator’. We build reliable PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns & continually monitor & optimise performance.

PPC Services


Ensure your website is visible on search engines, like Google. We specialise in on-page and technical SEO. We continually monitor & optimise your site for the maximum organic traffic.

SEO Services

WordPress Web Design

We specialise in the WordPress Content Management System. We design and create bespoke handcrafted WordPress Websites, including e commerce development We ensure your website isn’t just great to look at, but fast, and SEO friendly.

Web Design Services

Social Media Marketing

do you need Facebook Ads or someone to be your whole tone of voice? As a social media partner, we work with you, managing everything from posts content to full customer communications & reviews.

Social Media Management


We are Google Partners with Shopping specialism, & Shopify Partners. So if you have a presence on the Shopify e-commerce platform, we can help you reach the right customers via Google Shopping Ads. (Pay Per Click)

Shopify Services


We have produced graphic design for all kinds of business from small business and startups to public sector household names like Provident Financial. We can create the perfect design for your brand.

Design Services

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Working With Our Team

We run and manage Google Ads PPC campaigns that help businesses grow. 

We are experts in Pay per click (paid advertising), including Search Ads, Display, Shopping YouTube & social media marketing. With an ex-Googler heading up our marketing team, we know what works for our potential clients – whether your goal is to increase awareness of your brand or look for more online sales, we can build a digital strategy will work for your business.

Why We Do What We Do

It may sound like we are stating the obvious, but we have a real passion for this stuff. When Andi founded Made By Factory, she loved design and code and wanted to build mobile-friendly websites for clients that looked great and didn’t break the bank. After the first few sites, She saw building websites was only useful if they had visitors drive results, so she turned to online marketing.

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A Bit About Us

Our core marketing services include SEO, Pay per click, Web Design, Social Media Marketing Content Marketing & Remarketing.
Google Partner

Founded by UX & web design nerd, Andi Wilkinson, Manchester marketing agency Made By Factory was selected as one of Google’s top 30 PPC agencies in 2017, and some of the team were invited to take part in their prestigious elevator programme along with around 30 other partner agencies. Following this, Andi partnered with Googler Ben Tennant, who has managed advertising accounts and digital strategy for an extensive portfolio of major brands in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Our combined digital, paid ad skills and commitment to ongoing learning give us a unique and fresh approach to marketing through our many years of combined experience. We always focus on delivering the best results for our client,

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How We get Results

We Offer The Solution You Need

Over the years we have worked with many clients & most are direct in what they want. A website, SEO or Pay Per Click, We know your problem is always the same. You want more leads. And the marketing strategy you think you want isn’t always the one you need to succeed. Those who desire SEO may find they get much better wins from PPC.

Conversely, A client who wants PPC might need a better website. A client who wants a new website may just on-page optimisation to generate more traffic. We always look at your goals and establish the solution you need, not the one we are trying to sell.

We Pay Attention To SEO

Your content strategy might be spot on, but there can be so many things that prevent you from ranking. Unless you’re an expert, you can’t be expected to know them all. A simple web health check can reveal the most common errors on a web page, preventing it from being visible.

Whilst your visitors only see a website’s pages, the scaffolding that holds it together has an important job to play. We find the most common issues with poorly coded websites, meaning many of the essential elements required to tell a search engine what your page is about, are missing. This is why even newer domains can get higher results than more established websites if they pay attention to those details that google loves.

We Make Websites That Convert

digital marketing campaign is only as good as it’s landing page. We will look at your existing web presence, to see if it’s standing in the way of your goals.

We are experts in technical and on-page SEO & our winning strategy can help your pages rank highly for well-performing search terms. We use a mixture of error fixing, page speed optimisation, subtle changes to the back end code & edits to the content. Changes like these can be the difference between your site appearing on page 3, or position 1-3.

We Keep Your Site Google Friendly

After we have created our inital strategy we will adress technical errors in the website’s code, giving us a clean slate to work on content changes. In our experience we have seen some terrible seo practices with content. pages stuffed with keywords that don’t sound natural.

Content needs to be produced in a way that a search engine can index it, but not in a way that the user thinks its nonsensical. Getting the user to your site may be a challenge, but its only a small part of it. driven traffic needs to result in a desired action, a sale or an enquiry.

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Digital Marketing FAQ

Do You Need Digital Marketing? 

Without too much of a history lesson, digital marketing is only traditional marketing in digital form. Every brand needs to advertise to get results. Before the digital age, content marketing would include print, magazines, billboards, and later television and radio. Some leading brands have been tentative about moving to digital over the years since they were concerned that the ad spends a gamble.

There is more than one approach to digital marketing for any project, and it all depends on your goals. Very much like a classic marketing funnel, we have awareness, consideration and purchase in the journey. In traditional channels, brand awareness may have been achieved through print, television, and billboards. This is the same as new digital marketing strategies. We use display marketing to reach our audience, through a mixture of text, images, interactive and video. In the same way as traditional advertising, these methods are critical for new brand engagement.

Did you know you often don’t interact with a brand’s ad until you have seen it seven to ten times? That’s one of the best powers of paid digital. It’s highly measurable, so you know exactly where the value is. Unlike traditional marketing, every click is measured, and every possible piece of information we know about our target audience is utilised to ensure the right people see the ads at the right time.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important? 

80% of consumers now look for their services online. That’s a lot of searches, and there are a lot of websites competing.

There are just too many websites online to keep track of now. It used to be that many small businesses lamented about how hard it was to stay visible. Companies that used to thrive through Facebook voice concern about how they are no longer visible due to algorithm changes.

This isn’t just small businesses though, its all businesses. And the tech giants are giants because they have built their brands on advertising. It is possible to do well in the organic space for these platforms. It just takes longer.

Whatever industry you are in, we look for the best ways to use your budget to find potential customers, whether that be long term strategies to grow organic traffic or quick wins through carefully targeted ad campaigns.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency? 

“Digital Marketing Agency” Its such a buzz term and less, fortunately, its not even regulated. Once, marketing was pens and paper, bright copy and Mad Men on Madison Avenue. It was about awareness and engagement.

It is still about that, we just connect to your audience in new ways, digitally. A digital marketing agency utilises a variety of ways to connect your business to potential customers. This might be through organic traffic, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PPC (Pay per click advertising) through Google, Facebook or other paid platforms. It could be social media marketing, both organic and paid.

Its consulting on your website’s look and feel. Maybe you get found a lot, but your conversion rate is low in which case an agency may offer conversion rate optimisation which will look at your UI design or UX design and suggest improvements.

How Does Digital Marketing Work? 

Consumer trends alone have made a massive shift to online, not to mention the enormous impact of COVID-19 on consumerism. Even in a world wherein, you can still shop on the high street, not everyone wants to venture out any more. This has hit some industries hard, but others have seen a huge upturn.

The first step to any successful digital marketing campaign is a well-designed website & sound technical and on-page SEO. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you drive to your website, if your abandon cart rate is through the roof, or your page takes 25 seconds to load.

An excellent digital marketing strategy will then combine several channels to usher high-quality visitors to your website.

Since we mentioned website quality, the first thing we look at is your technical and on-page SEO. How fast is your website, what is the overall page experience? How good is your content? As an agency specialising in PPC Services, it might be surprising that we don’t want to sell you PPC unless your website is on point, but so much digital marketing can be wasted unless you take care of this stuff.

A well-optimised website won’t just help you get found when visitors look for your type of product or service in search engines, it will also lay a solid foundation for any pay per click campaign.

Pay per click is another way to get highly targeted traffic to your website. Combined with SEO tactics to ensure your site performs optimally, you will get the most investment return.

What Is The Best Digital Marketing Strategy?

There is no one size fits all digital marketing strategy. So many services can be categorised under that umbrella. What is essential is being able to select the ones that bring you the best return on investment.

For one business, a Google Ads campaign may work best. Others may benefit more from a highly targeted Facebook campaign. Others may benefit more from SEO, or a combination of several services. We also find an ebb and flow, meaning some services work better than others during other months.

That’s why it can be reassuring to work with a specialist, who is up to date with trends and has that wealth of information from working with those different platforms across various sectors.

Why Choose Made By Factory

We love what we do. When you join our growing list of clients, you are part of our family. We treat your business. Like we treat our own. We hold your hand if necessary. We have a proven track record of successful PPC & SEO Campaigns for a variety of clients. Our mission is to provide adequate services and value for money.

We aren’t going to stick ‘we are an award-winning multidisciplinary digital marketing agency’ at the top of our list. We are a boutique team, who spends more time learning and honing our craft than googling awards to enter, and paying to join them. We have won some awards, but does that matter to our clients as much as conversions? Probably not.

Our best badges of honour are the words our clients say about us & The results we get. Read our case studies for some top-notch testimonials.

Who Do You Work With? 

We provided services for and partnered with a wide range of clients, from household name brands, global entities, FTSE250 companies, all the way to local brick and mortar businesses looking for more leads. We love to learn & we continually hone our skills to give you the best bang for your buck.

We work with clients in Greater Manchester, Salford, Rochdale, London, Yorkshire, Amsterdam, Switzerland, USA & The Far East. The advantages of being a small business mean we can engage with you wherever you are in the world.

If you want to work with us, drop us a line using the form below about our digital marketing services in, Manchester, United Kingdom and across the globe.

Are You A Full Service Digital Agency? 

Quite frankly we get fed up of hearing that term most of the people who say it, say it because they feel they have to look bigger than they are. – The most prominent brands in the world don’t hire full-service digital agencies. They work with many specialists, all world-class at what they do.

A customer looking for a full-service digital agency might want someone who can both run their PPC, social media marketing and do some mobile app development. Quite honestly, if a company says they can do both well, in our experience, they are either large & expensive, or they do one well, and one not so well. Most agencies group a set of related services together that the founders are passionate about. Find an agency with a passion for what they do, and use them for that service.

Would you hire an ‘all-rounder’ to do your house, or would you get in a separate plumber, electrician and decorator?

We are a boutique digital marketing agency ran by two directors. One is an expert with SEO & Web. One is an expert with PPC, So that is what we focus on. If you are looking for the term full-service digital agency, ask why to ask what quality you are getting. We work with several trusted partners, each expert in their field & if you need a one-stop-shop, we can certainly facilitate that. If you want our services and need help selecting a company for something niche, we can recommend you to our partners.

Don’t fall into the trap of being swept away by claims of full service. We aren’t saying some agencies aren’t, but do your research about what it actually means.