Google Partners Badge Celebration Event

Back in June after lots of hard work and studying, we achieved Google Partner status – and what better way to celebrate this achievement than an invite to Google London for a Google Partners Badge Celebration event. It was a great opportunity to meet with other badged Google agencies and share insights into the world of online advertising. We were also treated to a sneak preview of some of the latest beta projects and some fun 3D virtual reality headsets. Continue reading “Google Partners Badge Celebration Event”

Made By Factory Visit Google!

It was a pretty good day today.

On this gloomy Manchester morning,  Danny, Jess and I – lovingly nicknamed #JamFam boarded the Pendolino from Manchester to Euston. On the train we met Helen Knowles who was writing her masters thesis in fine art & focussing on film. I kind of missed the first half of the conversation, because I left my seat, but when I returned they were chatting about algorithms. Her artistic vision was to put an algorithm on trial for stealing private information. Danny told her he had recently built an application for a recruitemenf agency that scraped the LinkedIn API, & suddenly the ice was broken. It has to be the strangest on a train ice breaker I have encountered but we swapped details and as far as I can tell, Danny may be a star in the film. Watch this space for a further update on that. Continue reading “Made By Factory Visit Google!”