Made By Factory Go Global To Amsterdam

This Month, the Middle Team embarked on an Enterprise Nation Go Global Mission to Amsterdam. We had the opportunity to visit several large retailers and learn a great deal about how they conduct their marketing activity. We enjoyed a tour around KGMP offices, Iamsterdam store, De Bijenkorf, John Lewis and were treated to a reception where we met the local ambassador and learned about selling to Amsterdam. We were also able to meet some awesome homeware manufacturers and were treated to a pop up shop of their products. Continue reading “Made By Factory Go Global To Amsterdam”

CreativJam Go Global to Ireland! #GoGlobal

Last Thursday and Friday, Danny & Andi joined Enterprise Nation on one of their #GoGlobal Missions. The mission was to Dublin, Ireland and was designed to help people in the food industry export their products into a new market.

We arrived in Dublin and met up with around 35 businesses on Thursday morning for the event. After a quick freshen up at the very nice boutique O’Callaghan Davenport┬áhotel, we were whisked away by our lovely Welsh coach driver Danny to visit a few of the worlds biggest social media giants. – We visited Facebook where we were treated to lunch and a tour of their partners centre along with a talk on how their advertising system works and how it can benefit your brand. We loved learning that their hardware is so clever, that when a piece of their data centre fails, it robotically re-engineers itself and reprograms itself. – honest, we can’t make this stuff up. A visit to Facebook also encompassed their app Instagram, and some insights into the platform for advertising. Continue reading “CreativJam Go Global to Ireland! #GoGlobal”