Made By Factory Give Advice to Food Brands

This month, Middle teamed up with global powerhouse Google to offer local businesses access to workshops and services that will help drive more traffic to their websites and get them better business results, online.

We are one of only a limited number of agencies in the North West, qualified to work with Google and advise businesses on how they can improve their digital strategy.

The digital workshops run by the our team, alongside Google reps, give business owners the rare opportunity to learn more about online advertising, talk to account strategists and get help and advice directly from a Google expert.

“These sessions can help businesses enormously by demonstrating the benefits of working with a partner agency as opposed to going it alone. We find many businesses spend three or four times the amount they should on their online advertising, get a quarter of the clicks and experience very high bounce rates,” said Andonette Wilkinson, Creative Director at Middle.

Getting direct assistance from a Google account strategist and dedicated partner means higher click through rates, better performing online ads and much more for your money. Our Google partnership programme keeps us up-to-date with the latest technology, web standards and industry best practice which means we are well placed to advise businesses on what works and what doesn’t. We encourage the businesses we work with to adopt a holistic approach to their online strategy by working across websites, apps and back office systems so they all work in tandem to achieve the best possible results.

Local businesses that have benefited from advice include food brands brands myHi and Naturelly, TLH Auctioneers and The Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub.

David Shumacker, Director of TLH Auctioneers, said “Our work with Middle aimed to completely overhaul the entire corporate website, evolve the TLH brand and the way we market our business to both new and existing customers. The team at Middle spent time to get to know us as a business and we were happy to have our hands held and guided through all these exciting changes. The outcome of this 18-month relationship with the Middle team has resulted in successful high growth for our company and I am looking forward to continue to work with them in the future.”

If you are interested in taking your business to the next level online and would like to take part in a digital workshop with Google and Middle, contact Andonette Wilkinson at or 0161 628 1222 to register your interest.