Made By Factory At Our First Biz Expo

Yesterday we did something new! We went to a business expo! GM Biz Expo in central Manchester none the less!

So first thing in the morning I was a little bit nervous, and did what every modern gentleman does when he’s a little unsure of something – Googled it!

After flicking through many articles online, it was clear that basically, I just had to stand out, and tell people what we did. As a relatively new company, with an array of services that are as vast as ours, our elevator pitch is a little under-developed, or at least I thought it was…

So what do you do?

No we don’t make Jam

We’ve been through an array of business training sessions on pitching, defining our services, and sales, but the elusive elevator pitch still wasn’t fresh in my mind. However, after a few people came by, and me fumbling through explaining that we’re a creative agency who develops web applications, talking about cloud apps, and generally baffling people – it struck me. What’s the end goal of what we do? … and there it was in all it’s glory. Strip it back to its bare bones … “What do we do?” …

We help businesses grow using web technologies and digital marketing.

Now you tell a budding entrepreneur on a high growth journey like ourselves that you can grow their business, they become very intrigued. This got people talking, asking me questions, and generally wanting to know more about how we worked our magic.

So I was off, talking about our Google Partners Programme involvement, and how we can drive traffic to sites. Which then led to the site itself, was it up to scratch, did it look good, was their message and branding appropriate, was it easy to convert a visitor to a client, was it mobile friendly, did they even know how much traffic they got?! … And then the final piece to the puzzle, how do they handle the extra demand of all this traffic when the enquiries roll in? Automate with cloud based apps, track KPIs, and make their business truly sentient and intelligent.

Standing out

The event had loads of business there, and as varied as we all were in our trades, nearly everyone had the trusty pop-up banner. But we’re creatives, we don’t conform to convention, so we had our fancy fabric banner set up, handing out little branded memory sticks to all the merchandise monkeys flying by. To top it off we had one thing that not one other exhibitor had with them – a client.

We took a real, living, interactive example of what we do, and how it can work. The lovely Tom from Tap on Talent, who’s one of our favourite retained clients, has an evolving application that is constantly changing to suit the needs of his recruitment business. He bravely took to the floor with myself, and explained in his own words (with only one arm held half way up his back (kidding)) what we did for him, and how it’s helped him grow his business.

Many people commented on how different it was having someone there with us to vouch for our services, and we’re very grateful of Tom for taking the time out of his busy schedule to come and support us.

Business Cards – Everywhere!

We managed to shift all of the merchandise that we took with us, and emptied our calendar, leaflet, and memory stick stocks, I even ran out of business cards!

Most importantly I got to network with some other exhibitors there, and make some great and useful contacts with people who were in industries parallel to our own. We made some excellent contacts, especially the lovely Lauren from Wyzowl, the charming Ian from Egan Reid, and bumped into one of our good friends from our first year in trading, Anne from WDBA Consultancy.

A few weeks ago you may have seen that we ran an event with Google as part of the Eveolution programme with the Growth Hub, and we were lucky enough to bump into a few people who’d been to that event who came over to say “Hi” too.

So all in all a good day! And we’ll definitely be visiting another event soon near you, armed with even more cool promo gear, some awesome free information, and a friendly face to come chat to as usual 🙂 …

To everyone who came and said “Hi” on the day, thank you, you made it a lovely experience, and we wish you all the best of luck with your businesses, and hope to work with you guys soon.