CreativJam have rebranded. We Are Middle.

It’s been a long time coming, but we decided, albeit on a whim, to drop the CreativJam brand and go with our newer, more grown up alter ego: Middle.

Officially Middle Creative Limited, we felt the new brand gave us much more of a well rounded tone. Although we are creative at the core, with three of our team having vast knowledge and experience in the graphic design sector, we also boast full stack software developers and with a name like CreativJam, people didn’t always take us too seriously. And you need to be taken seriously when you are trying to be a hipster Manchester Web Design Agency.

We also see ourselves as ‘Middle Men’ but the good kind. The ones who will get in the middle of your project and help you complete it. The ones who will give you that good solid proposal that sits in the middle.

Here is the first iteration of the Middle brand, although we have already had feedback that it looks like “Mid Ale” so watch this space, whilst we revamp it.

Middle Brand

And remember folks. You have to go through the middle to get to the top!