It’s The Chamber Annual Dinner 2016!

Chamber Annual Dinner 2016

After a year of hard work getting our small business off the ground, It was time to let our hair down a bit at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner 2016. What a mouthful!

The event was held at the Victoria Warehouse Manchester and was a celebration of all things Mancunian, least of which it’s businesses which are a testament to the hard work the North is known for. Read More

CreativJam have rebranded. We Are Middle.

Made By Factory Office

It’s been a long time coming, but we decided, albeit on a whim, to drop the CreativJam brand and go with our newer, more grown up alter ego: Middle.

Officially Middle Creative Limited, we felt the new brand gave us much more of a well rounded tone. Although we are creative at the core, with three of our team having vast knowledge and experience in the graphic design sector, we also boast full stack software developers and with a name like CreativJam, people didn’t always take us too seriously. And you need to be taken seriously when you are trying to be a hipster Manchester Web Design Agency. Read More

Made By Factory Give Advice to Food Brands

Made By Factory & Google

This month, Middle teamed up with global powerhouse Google to offer local businesses access to workshops and services that will help drive more traffic to their websites and get them better business results, online.

We are one of only a limited number of agencies in the North West, qualified to work with Google and advise businesses on how they can improve their digital strategy. Read More

A Little Bit of March Madness

Made By Factory Jess & MAtt

There’s something to be said about March madness. Especially this month at CreativJam. It’s almost a year since Danny and I opened our office in Rochdale, Greater Manchester and this has been the most eventful month for us yet.
We started on the first of March by welcoming our new software and web developer, Matt Pryor to the team and to be honest, it feels like he has been here forever. We are looking forward to lots of geeky web app development. Read More

Made By Factory At Our First Biz Expo

Made By Factory At GM Biz Expo

Yesterday we did something new! We went to a business expo! GM Biz Expo in central Manchester none the less!

So first thing in the morning I was a little bit nervous, and did what every modern gentleman does when he’s a little unsure of something – Googled it!

After flicking through many articles online, it was clear that basically, I just had to stand out, and tell people what we did. As a relatively new company, with an array of services that are as vast as ours, our elevator pitch is a little under-developed, or at least I thought it was…
Read More

CreativJam Go Global to Ireland! #GoGlobal

Made By Factory Go Global Dublin

Last Thursday and Friday, Danny & Andi joined Enterprise Nation on one of their #GoGlobal Missions. The mission was to Dublin, Ireland and was designed to help people in the food industry export their products into a new market.

We arrived in Dublin and met up with around 35 businesses on Thursday morning for the event. After a quick freshen up at the very nice boutique O’Callaghan Davenport hotel, we were whisked away by our lovely Welsh coach driver Danny to visit a few of the worlds biggest social media giants. – We visited Facebook where we were treated to lunch and a tour of their partners centre along with a talk on how their advertising system works and how it can benefit your brand. We loved learning that their hardware is so clever, that when a piece of their data centre fails, it robotically re-engineers itself and reprograms itself. – honest, we can’t make this stuff up. A visit to Facebook also encompassed their app Instagram, and some insights into the platform for advertising. Read More